New(ish) Faculty Teaching Workshop

At the beginning of each semester we welcome a new class of faculty (and some returning faculty) with a half-day workshop, providing a pedagogical toolkit to assist in the shaping (or refreshing) of teaching theories and methods. We offer the workshop in August and in January.

What will you gain?

In addition to meeting other new and experienced USF faculty, you'll explore a set of core topics in interactive sessions. You will take away a powerful pedagogical toolkit with templates, examples and practices that have worked for others to assist you in maximizing your chances for a successful semester, beginning with the first class.

Previous workshops supported faculty in exploring:

  1. Visual Models
  2. Practice & Feedback
  3. Inclusive and Identity-Safe Learning Spaces
  4. Content-Engaging Activities
  5. Student Engagement
  6. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Accessibility

(Please note that we may tweak specific topics explored in any future workshops.)

The workshop builds on and provides opportunities to discuss How Learning Works (2010), by Susan Ambrose, Michael Bridges, Michele DiPietro, Marsha Lovett and Marie Norman.