Salon drawing by Katie Hoffman

Faculty Salon

At the CTE Faculty Salon, two faculty members from different fields give short, accessible talks about their research projects or creative work with implications for teaching and learning. The short talks are followed by questions and conversation. Wine and cheese will be served. We hope you’ll join us and emerge inspired!

Fall 2017

On November 7th, 2017, our topic was memory in teaching and learning.

Samira Abdur-Rahman

Samira Abdur-Rahman (Arts & Sciences, English) shared her current manuscript. Sites of Instruction: Black Childhood and the Geography of Education, explores literary, artistic and cultural productions of black childhood, race and place in the “classical” civil rights and contemporary eras. Reading across generic boundaries, the manuscript examines black writers' preoccupation with childhood and narratives of education as a means to map ulterior imaginings of place, self and futurity.

Ben Levy

Ben Levy (Arts & Sciences, Psychology) is a cognitive neuroscientist with a particular interest in how and why we forget. Much of his work focuses on intentional forgetting or forgetting as a positive goal; for example, in the case of a trauma. We may commonly think that we strive to remember and to avoid forgetting, but Professor Levy (writing with co-author Michael Anderson) reminds us that “more often than we realize, forgetting is our goal, and remembering is the human frailty.” Currently, Professor Levy is conducting a study of students in USF 101—he’ll reveal some of his findings so far.

Spring 2017

The inaugural edition of the CTE Faculty Salon featured:

Lewis Buzbee

Lewis Buzbee (Arts & Sciences, MFA Program in Writing) read from his personal history of the classroom, Blackboard (Greywolf Press, 2014).

Monika Hudson

Monika Hudson (School of Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy) discussed her research regarding identity and its impact on behaviors, from her dissertation to her most recent work with Chinese family businesses in San Francisco.