reading circle drawing by Katie Hoffman

Teaching Collaboration Grants


The CTE will award three grants of $1,000 each to three faculty teams (teams must consist of two or more faculty):

  • A team of faculty teaching in the core curriculum
  • A team of faculty from a department

Teams must submit a proposal to be considered for the grants in spring and will work in either summer/fall.

Proposals open each spring and must clearly indicate whether they are applying for the department or curriculum collaboration grant as well as explain:

  • The contributions of each team member
    1. The classes that will be impacted by the grant
    2. And how the teaching collaboration will
      • improve student learning and/or
      • stimulate pedagogical growth and/or
      • implement innovative course design

At the end of the project, and with a December deadline, teams will write a 850-1,000 word report explaining the process and products of the collaboration. Grants will be awarded upon submission of the team’s report.


  1. Are all faculty members eligible to apply?
    Yes. All faculty members are eligible to apply if they will be teaching the redesigned courses in the coming academic year.
  2. How many members make a team?
    Teams must consist of two or more faculty members.
  3. What does our team need to produce?
    Copies of syllabi, assignments or any other curricular changes produced by your team, and an 850-1,000 word explanation of your collaborative work.
  4. When will we get our money?
    After the brief report about your team’s work has been submitted to CTE.
  5. What if I still have questions?
    Please contact the CTE Team

2019-2020 Grant Awards

Luigi Lucaccini, Noopur Agarwal, Douglas Halpern

(Departmental Curriculum Grant)

Farima Pour-Khorshid, Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath, Patrick Camangian,

(Departmental Curriculum Grant)

Alison Cohen, Kathleen Coll, Kevin Hickey, Kelly L'Engle, Kelly McDermott

(Core Curriculum Grant)

2018-2019 Grant Awards

Greig Mulberry & Amanda Parris (Core Curriculum Grant)

Nicola McClung, Desiree Zerquera, Ursula Aldana, Susan Roberta Katz, Emily Nusbaum (Core Curriculum Grant)

Mark Taylor & Natacha Ruck (Departmental Curriculum Grant)

2017-2018 Grant Awards

Megan Nicely & Michelle LaVigne (Core Curriculum Grant)

Elizabeth Katz & Alessandra Cassar (Core Curriculum Grant)

Niki Gibbons, Ling Busche, Omar Campos (Department Curriculum Award)