Tomorrow's Professor

A professor at Stanford runs a website/email service titled Tomorrow's Professor Postings: Online faculty development 100 times per year. The professor is Rick Reis, who works in mechanical engineering. While it may sound like an engineering professor may not have a ton to say about teaching, Rick runs a great service and mainly gets the permission to repost the writings of other professors he finds interesting or provocative.

Rick posts on everything: service, research, and teaching. It really is aimed at tomorrow's professor. But we want to focus on his posts about Teaching and Learning. Fortunately Rick's website let's you sort by categories. Use this link to see all the relevant teaching posts:

Here's a few individual posts from the past year that people may find especially worthwhile (but keep in mind there are many more posts, and many years of posts):

You can subscribe to his postings so the posts come to you via email here: Tomorrow's Professor subscription page.