Dr. Pamela Flash Visits USF for Writing-Enriched Curricula Talk and Workshop

Writing-Enriched Curricula Fall Talk and Workshop

Dr. Pamela Flash (University of Minnesota) visited USF on September 5 & 6 for two great events about the Writing-Enriched Curriculum (WEC) method for all USF faculty. This event was brought to you by the Multimodal Communication across the Curriculum and in the Disciplines Faculty Learning Community.

9/5: Writing-Enriched Curricula: Integrating relevant writing instruction department by department In this one-hour talk and inter-disciplinary discussion, Pamela Flash (University of Minnesota) introduced the Writing-Enriched Curriculum (WEC) model developed at the University of Minnesota in 2007 and which is now being adapted by universities and colleges across the US. WEC offers a faculty-driven, centrally-supported, and department-specific approach for strengthening the integration of relevant writing instruction into diverse curricular contexts. Attendees considered (and questioned) the writing abilities they expect students in their programs to demonstrate. After hearing more about the faculty-driven, curriculum-focused WEC model, they discussed its portability and potential fit for USF.

Watch a recording of the talk.
View slides from the talk.

9/6: Teaching Writing in Five-Minute Increments: Interdisciplinary workshop This interdisciplinary workshop was dedicated to busy instructors who expect students to hand in writing that demonstrates cogent, persuasive, and/or innovative thinking about course material but who have little time to spare for in-class writing instruction. Participants worked through two models: the five-minute paper and the five-minute revision workshop. Both approaches engage students in context-relevant thinking and writing, either by involving them in targeted low-stakes writing or by giving them routine practice in revising excerpts of student texts. Examples drawn from diverse disciplines in the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and design fields were discussed and participants developed two or more activities relevant to the courses they teach.

View slides from the workshop.