Crowd-Storming Innovative Ways to Make up Classes

This page is dedicated to USF Faculty as way to crowd-storm (that's brainstorm as a crowd) confronting the problem of how to make up missed classes, as a result of the campus closure from wildfire smoke pollution caused by the Camp Fire.

The idea for a place for USF faculty to gather and share ideas and solutions comes from Maria Ontiveros (Law).

I think this presents two opportunities: 1. An opportunity to suggest nontraditional ways to make up classes (beyond rescheduling); and 2. An opportunity to gather data, information, examples of what people do that can be used in the future.
- Maria

Please share your ideas in the comments sections. We will periodically sweep through and organize comments into themes and categories. You are welcome to post with your name or post anonymously. If you would like us to anonymously post on your behalf, please email us at cte@usfca.edu or Katie Hoffman, CTE Program Assistant, at khoffman@usfca.edu.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. And please remember to share with respect for all!

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