Call for Spring Reading Circle Proposals

Submit your proposal for a CTE Reading Circle by Nov. 1

Propose a Reading Circle

Is there a book you want to share with colleagues or a book you've been hoping to read in a group setting? If so, consider proposing a CTE Reading Circle!

CTE Reading Circles are small (between 6-12 participants), short-term (meeting around three times in the semester) reading groups focused on a specific book (or other text) proposed by a faculty member or librarian. The book may be on any topic, but should open conversations about teaching and learning.

The number of meetings, dates, and times are set by the facilitator in advance. The CTE will select (and help recruit members) for up to three circles each semester. And we will provide texts for all participants!

The outputs of Reading Circles are collegiality, conversation, and intellectual curiosity about teaching and learning.

Please submit your proposal no later than Wednesday, Nov. 1. If you have questions about the reading circles, please email us at cte@usfca.edu.