Press for Sustainable Progress

Rachel Beth Egenhoefer (Art + Architecture) recently wrote an essay about work/life balance for International Women’s Day on the AIGA SF website (AIGA SF is the local chapter of the leading design organization).

In her essay, Rachel Beth ties the weight of women’s labor to issues in sustainability.

The weight of women’s labor is pressing, but it’s byproducts include empathy, flexibility, strength and creativity —the very pillars of a good design process. If we were to act as Art Directors for the project of gender equity, we’d need to go back to the drawing board because what we have right now isn’t working, and isn’t sustainable — for us, or the planet.

Readers may relate to the issue of needing to shut off the working brain. As teachers we constantly switch through modes of thinking, (creative, practical) as well as switching roles: teacher, mentor, parent. Rachel Beth writes, "like so many other creatives, my eyes always looking, mind always absorbing and hands creating."

You can find her essay by clicking the box below.

Press for Sustainable Progress Essay