Kevin Lo on Utilizing Principles of Mindfulness in the Classroom

About the Interview

Kevin Lo (Organization, Leadership and Communication) sat down with CTE Co-Director, Jonathan Hunt, to talk about how Kevin utilizes mindfulness techniques in his classroom to enhance student learning. Kevin begins by adding a dimension of relationships to the idea of mindfulness. This interview is just under 15 minutes, which is perfect for your walk to class in Lone Mountain.

Suggestions and Resources

Kevin's suggestions for faculty looking to incorporate mindfulness in their classes (and some resources):

  • You might want to try a new mindfulness practice on yourself before introducing it to the class. Find something that piques your interest; passion is contagious, even if you aren't an expert on mindfulness.

  • Exercises such as breath awareness can provide easy introductions to mindfulness practice. Breath awareness provides calm, peace, stability and grounding. Attempting to control breath though stress may improve your effectiveness through a stressful situation.

  • Books, blogs, apps, YouTube videos and Ted Talks are many of the mediums that can expose you to mindfulness. Here are some suggestions by Kevin: Ellen Langer's book Mindfulness, Search Inside Yourself and Joy On Demand: The Art of Discovering the Happiness Within two books by Chade Meng Tan. Apps: Giant Mind, Headspace, and Relax Melodies

  • Carol Spector (Gleeson Librarian) developed a mindfulness resource guide for a subcommittee that looked at mindfulness in and out of the classroom over the 2016-2017 academic year.