February 8th Faculty Salon with CTE

On Wednesday, February 8th from 5–7 p.m. in UC 503, and with wine, fruit, cheese and crackers, we hosted a faculty salon to showcase and share the great work and innovations of our colleagues here at USF. Lewis Buzbee (Master of Fine Arts in Writing) talked about his book Blackboard and Monika Hudson (Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy) presented her research regarding identity and its impact on behaviors from her dissertation to her most recent work with Chinese family businesses.

Monika's and Lewis' Tips on Teaching

  • We learned from Lewis' talk that you can't be the same student you've always been. Part of changing the classroom is to not allow old habits to break in.

  • And Monika primed us to ask, how do we marry our practice and research with the skill set we are trying to teach?