Winter Intensive on Student Engagement

On January 17th, we held a Winter Intensive Workshop on Student Engagement with five faculty presenters from across campus. In this post, we're sharing a few resources from the event, including presentation slides and handouts.

We're looking forward to more events as we move the spring semester dedicated to the topic of student engagement. Specifically, we hope you'll save the dates during the first week of March, when visiting scholar Nick Zepke (Massey University, New Zealand) will lead a workshop and talk at USF.

  • March 2nd: Student engagement in neoliberal times: what is missing? 4-5:30 in McLaren 250
  • March 3rd: Clinic for Teacher Self-Development. 1-4 in Zief Law Library, Terrace Room 201

Rich Callahan on Simulations

Rich Callahan (School of Management: Public and Nonprofit Administration) lead a session on simulations he uses in his class. Simulations allow students to jump into a role to practice a concept more deeply and as a team.

Rich's Slides - PDF

Rich has provided two links for the Learning Model simulation and for the Meta-4 simulation

Learning Model simulation


  • To experience the evolution of an organization (objectives, process, and structure).

  • To develop a system to accomplish objectives using limited resources (e.g., time and materials).

  • To recognize the effect external factors and conditions have on organizational development.

Doreen Ewert on Content-Engaging Activities

Doreen Ewert (Rhetoric & Language, Academic English for Multilingual Students) led a session on content-engaging activities that appeal to learners of many levels at once and bring 100% of students into action. We practiced these simulations in the workshop. Handouts will be posted at a later time.

Doreen's Slides

Kelly L'Engle on Canvas Groups

Kelly L'Engle (Nursing and Health Professions) lead a segment on how she uses Canvas groups to connect students not only with their current classmates but with previous and future generations of students taking the same class. Canvas allows her students to post reflective and creative videos from individual work to small group work.

Kelly's Slides

Melanie Keiffer on the Student Engagement Faculty Learning Community

Melanie Keiffer (Nursing and Health Professions) lead a lunch discussion about the work of student engagement, from defining it to the larger project of her Faculty Learning Community, who's collective research culminated in a white paper.

Melanie's Slide

Keally McBride on Collaborative Group Work

Keally McBride (Politics) led a session about providing students with opportunities to work together by taking on specific roles and with ample opportunities for group and self-evaluation. Keally can help students maximize their creative energy, especially near the end of the semester when motivation can peter out.

Keally's Handouts