Some Helpful Articles for Teaching in the Current Climate of the Trump Administration

As White House officials mention "alternative facts" and as we witness drastic moves away from previous legislative measures that include environmental protections and the Affordable Care Act, including the removal of information about climate change from the White House website and the call to remove funding for Sanctuary cities, you may be wondering how to discuss or incorporate the news of Trump's first hundred days in office in your classes. Many members of the USF community, including students, might be feeling anxious as they learn of the daily activities and tweets of the new president, especially when the consequences are threatening for so many groups.

Here is a beginning list of articles that you may find helpful for teaching in the current political-personal climate. As we discover more helpful articles, we will add them here.

1. Evaluating Sources in a ‘Post-Truth’ World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake News

This article By Katherine Schulten and Amanda Christy Brown appeared in the New York Times on January 19 and includes a lesson plan.

2. Trump’s First 100 Days: What He Wants to Do; What He Can Do (with Lesson Plan)

This KQED article by Matthew Green was published on January 24 includes a lesson plan, divided by issues like gun control, immigration, women's rights and national security.

3. Teaching in Times of Crisis

Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching has a page on teaching in times of crisis, with tips for providing resources and facilitating a discussion.