Peer2Peer Series onTeaching & Technology

A new collaboration between the CIT (Center for Insructional Technology) and the CTE, the Peer2Peer Series on Teaching & Technology aims to bring you hour-long faculty presentations on how different technologies can be successful in the learning environment. We were inspired by the idea that faculty learn best from their peers and we think implementing technology should be motivated by how well that technology can support teaching and enhance student learning. Coffee and sweets will be provided at these sessions.

Our next Peer2Peer presentations are November 2 & 3 from 2-3:00. Please RSVP at the CIT website by clicking the blue button.

Peer2Peer Series on Teaching & Technology RSVP

Eugene Kim on Providing Quick, Individual Feedback

Wednesday, November 2 from 2-3:00 in Zief Law Terrace Room 201

Individualized student feedback is best, especially if you can give it in real time so you can explain your feedback and the students can ask clarifying questions. But who has the time to do that for every student? In this interactive session, I'll share a technique for providing the benefits of individualized feedback (and more) to your entire class in just a fraction of the time. Bring a PDF and a hardcopy of a sample of student work that you would like to critique, and give it a try. Eugene Kim teaches in the School of Law.

Kelly L'Engle on Canvas Groups and Discussion Boards

Thursday, November 3 from 2-3:00 in University Center 402/403

This workshop will demonstrate how to use the Canvas groups and discussion boards for peer-to-peer learning. These user-friendly and easy-to-grade tools can increase student interaction and engagement, enhance critical analysis skills, advance the capacity for effective teamwork and collaboration, and encourage personal agency and leadership. The workshop will begin by showing use of Canvas groups for team-based projects and student journal clubs, and use of discussion boards for peer review and peer coaching. Workshop participants then will practice using the Canvas group function for a collaborative discussion, and post and respond to faculty peers using the Canvas discussion board. Keally L'Engle teaches in the School of Nursing and Health Professions.