Announcing the 2016 - 2017 Faculty Learning Communities!

We are supporting these three stupendous FLCs for the 2016-2017 academic year. The FLCs are given below. Two of these groups are still accepting members. If you are interested in joining either open group, please inquire via email.

  • Accessible Pedagogy and Universal Design for Learning
    Facilitated by Emily Nusbaum (Education). Accepting members.
    USF's students are diverse learners, and our commitment to social justice includes reducing unnecessary obstacles to their success in our courses. Many students come to USF with physical and learning disabilities or mental health issues, and may or may not receive support from the Student Disability Services office; we also welcome first-generation students, multilingual students, and students from underserved communities. Developing accessible pedagogies and classroom cultures of accessibility are crucial strategies for an inclusive university. The focus of this FLC will be to develop faculty knowledge of accessible pedagogy and to utilize principles of universal design for learning (UDL) in course design and implementation. The group will consider conceptual questions, such as: What is accessibility? Who is accessibility for? What would it mean to have a classroom culture of accessibility? We'll explore practical application of UDL principles to classroom and Canvas environments. The work of the group will move beyond compliance with university and legal policies related to accessibility/access.

  • Field Study Courses
    Facilitated by Melinda Stone (Media Studies, Urban Agriculture). Accepting members.
    Research shows that students enrolled in field study courses connect with the topic, one another, and their professor(s) in deeper, more meaningful ways that have lasting impacts. Many of us currently teach field-based courses ranging from a summer program in Alaska to a nature immersion in West Marin. Others teach courses that have a major field component to them like California Ecosystems, while others wish to consider how to best activate a field component and/or immersive experience into their teaching repertoire. Regardless of our current relationship to field studies, each of us is committed to researching best practices for field study courses that promise to enliven material we currently teach in a lab or classroom setting.

  • Best Pracitces in Hybrid Learning Experiences
    Facilitated by Susan Prion (Nursing and Health Professions). This group is at capacity.
    The purpose of this FLC is to explore and articulate current best practices for hybrid learning experiences, also known as mixed method classes. The expected audience is faculty members wishing to develop hybrid classes, or those who are attempting hybrid learning experiences but want more information and support to improve and develop. Many of us are familiar with the idea of hybrid and flipped classroom strategies, but may be uncomfortable or uneasy about attempting this on our own. The FLC would review the current literature, discuss the pedagogical advantages and disadvantages, consider how to apply these strategies to the USF teaching/ learning environment, and culminate in the development of resources for other faculty members who might want to investigate this technology-rich pedagogy.