Faculty Panel Discussions COVID-19

Faculty Panel Discussions COVID-19

Please scroll down for more information and access to register to join members of the USF faculty via Zoom for a series of panels that will explore COVID-19 from a range of scholarly lenses. These panels aim to bring together the USF community, drawing on our faculty’s scholarly perspectives and expertise across disciplines, to help make sense of COVID-19 and to explore what a scholarly community dedicated to Jesuit values can offer in terms of education and support during COVID-19.

A series of panels is being developed. The first panel addressed the treatment of marginalized communities in times of crisis, and the second explored the pandemic from the standpoint of public health and global security. The third addresses responses to Covid-19 across nations, societies, and markets.

Links to recorded sessions:

Recording of Marginalized Communities in Times of Crisis, March 24, 2020

Recording of Public Health and Global Security in the Time of COVID-19 , March 26, 2020


The Economy and the Common Good in Times of Pandemics: International Perspectives

Wednesday, April 8, 12–1:15 p.m

Stephen Roddy, Professor and Chair of Modern & Classical Languages in the College of Arts and Sciences, will be moderating this next panel of the series. School of Management Professors Marco Tavanti, Sweta Chaturvedi Thota, and Xiaohua Yang, will come together to discuss socioeconomic responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from different historical and contemporary perspectives.

More Information and Zoom Registration Link Coming Soon


Marginalized Communities in Times of Crisis

Tuesday, March 24, 12–1:15 p.m

In a discussion moderated by Shabnam Koirala-Azad, dean of the School of Education, Associate Professor Genevieve Leung (CAS), Associate Professor Hsiu-Lan Cheng (SOE), and Assistant Professor Daniela Domínguez (SOE) will discuss the possible impact of COVID-19 on marginalized communities. Providing a historical and socio-political lens, the panel will explore the treatment of vulnerable communities, focusing on the mental health ramifications as well as the ways xenophobia, profiling, and microaggressions are currently impacting marginalized communities.

Public Health and Global Security in the Time of COVID-19

Thursday, March 26, 12–1:15 p.m.

In a discussion moderated by School of Nursing & Health Professions Statewide MPH Director Taryn Vian, PhD (SONHP), Assistant Professor Marie-Claude Couture (SONHP), Professor Barbara Sattler (SONHP), and Professor Sangman Kim (CAS) will provide perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic through the lenses of epidemiology, immunology, and public health. Why are some populations at greater risk than others? How can testing and data be better utilized in responding to the pandemic? What is being done to protect public health workers? What can be done to improve our response?

These events are sponsored by the Tracy Seeley Center for Teaching Excellence, in partnership with the School of Nursing & Health Professions, the School of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of International Initiatives. Additional panels are being planned with panelists from the School of Management and the School of Law.

CTE/ETS Instructional Continuity Faculty Working Group

Weekly, Tuesdays 2:00-3:00PM

The Tracy Seeley Center for Teaching Excellence and the ETS Instructional Design team have partnered to offer a weekly online Instructional Continuity faculty working group. This group meets via Zoom weekly to share strategies and discuss research related to instructional continuity and online learning and teaching. If there is enough interest, we will break up into smaller groups that address particular disciplinary and/or pedagogical needs.

Please register here and we will follow-up with you in the coming days with additional information.

Please Register here »

Spring 2020 Syllabi Templates from the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences shares revised CAS syllabus guidelines on a new, one-stop curriculum resources page, developed over the course of a semester by a CAS faculty working group. This page includes the guidelines (with explanations of each item), a checklist (without the explanations), and two versions of the rules/regulations that you can cut and paste into your syllabi (one for online syllabi and one for paper syllabi), along with other information about curriculum that may not be directly related to syllabi.

You can download Spring 2020 CAS syllabi templates for M/W/F, T/R, M/W, and once-a-week schedules by clicking the button.

A&S Syllabi Templates

Call for Spring Reading Circle Proposals

Submit your proposal for a CTE Reading Circle by Nov. 1

Is there a book you want to share with colleagues or a book you've been hoping to read in a group setting? If so, consider proposing a CTE Reading Circle!

CTE Reading Circles are small (between 6-12 participants), short-term (meeting around three times in the semester) reading groups focused on a specific book (or other text) proposed by a faculty member or librarian. The book may be on any topic, but should open conversations about teaching and learning. Read more ...

Pedagogy Trick & Treat

Join us on November 1, 2018 from 3–4:30 in Malloy 230

Celebrate the fall holidays at the Pedagogy Trick & Treat, where faculty convene to cultivate and conspire ... all around teaching, of course! This energizing session is about sharing our best tips, tricks and treats of teaching and will be rowdy and informative, fun and inspiring all at once. We'll follow Read more ...

Grading Retreat

Join us for a grading retreat with your peers! The group setting will provide motivation and the CTE will provide the fuel in the form of breakfast and lunch. We'll make sure to have coffee too. We think the best way to tackle the overwhelming (and perhaps onerous) task of grading is with support! Read more ...

Dr. Pamela Flash Visits USF for Writing-Enriched Curricula Talk and Workshop

Writing-Enriched Curricula Fall Talk and Workshop

Dr. Pamela Flash (University of Minnesota) visited USF on September 5 & 6 for two great events about the Writing-Enriched Curriculum (WEC) method for all USF faculty. This event was brought to you by the Multimodal Communication across the Curriculum and in the Disciplines Faculty Learning Community. Read more ...

Fall 2019 Syllabi Templates from the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences shares spring 2019 syllabi templates and a new curriculum resources page. Read more ...

Writing-Enriched Curricula Talk and Workshop with Dr. Pamela Flash

Save the date(s) this fall for these two great events about the Writing-Enriched Curriculum (WEC) method for all USF faculty! This event is brought to you by the Multimodal Communication across the Curriculum and in the Disciplines Faculty Learning Community and features Dr. Pamela Flash (University of Minnesota). Read more ...

Teaching Collaboration Grants

Financial support for faculty innovation!

Faculty collaboration is the best way to solve pedagogical problems, develop new learning experiences, and incorporate creative course designs. Please submit your application by Tuesday, April 23. Read more ...

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