Teaching Tricks from the Pedagogy Trick & Treat

On November 1st, the CTE hosted the first Pedagogy Trick & Treat, where faculty came together for a rowdy yet informative hour of presentations or "teaching tricks" colleagues use in their USF classrooms. We created this post to share these great teaching tricks with you. You'll find a short description, handouts, and in some cases audio accompaniment next to each presenter. Read more ...

Spring 2017 Syllabi Templates & Tips

Looking for syllabi templates for spring 2017? In this post, you can find syllabi templates, checklists and standardized course language handouts from participating schools and colleges. In some cases, we are waiting from the school or college to share them so you might want to check back later.

Read more ...

Teaching Cafe on Antiracist Grading

On November 15th and 16th, the CTE hosted an essential teaching cafe with guest presenter, Professor Nicole Gonzales Howell (Rhetoric & Language) titled, "Moving Toward Antiracist Teaching and Grading."

If you missed the cafe or if you attended and are just looking for further resources, you can find them here. Read more ...

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