Teach-A-Palooza 2015

Look out for a new CTE tradition for faculty at USF!

“It’s like a music festival for faculty except without the music. Instead of many stages, there are many classrooms. And instead of clouds of smoke, you have clouds of ideas, you know, good ideas you can get from colleagues.”

When does it take place?

February 23–28, 2015

Monday through Saturday

What will I gain?

It’s not often that we’re able to see what our fellow teachers are up to in our own departments let alone in another college/school. Here is your opportunity! With a style rather like Open Studios, you will be able to observe classes hosted by your colleagues. The idea is to experience a variety of teaching strategies. Perhaps you’ll discover your new favorite pedagogical tool.

How will I know where to go?

“Open” classrooms will be festively marked with balloons, plus we’ll supply a handy course schedule for the week. Simply choose an option and show up. Please see our “tips for a successful visit” section below.

How can I sign up as a Teach-A-Palooza host?

We are currently accepting applications for hosts. Take a look at your syllabi and choose a class to share with colleagues. Fill out our simple host form. Your commitment would be to open one class for one meeting. You can find our form here.

Tips for a successful visit

Here are some of our suggestions for a rock n’roll experience.

  1. Reference the handy class schedule from CTE.
  2. Bring something to write on and something to write with.
  3. Turn off your cell/smart phone or put it on silent if using it to take notes.
  4. Ask permission before recording your colleagues.
  5. If arriving late, stealthily take a seat so as not to distract students.
  6. If your are more than 15 minutes late, move on to the next open classroom.
  7. Try to avoid leaving early out of respect for your colleagues.
  8. Wear sensible shoes or tread lightly if you insist on sandals.

We appreciate your support of CTE and your fellow educators!