Open Classroom Guidelines

Below are some quick guidelines for each phase of the visiting process.

Before the Visit

Visitors: Each semester, you'll find a list of participating faculty hosts at the Center for Teaching Excellence website, along with a short description of the course they've opened to visitors. To participate, simply email the professor whose class you'd like to visit and work out an agreeable day. The database is located here: Open Classrooms host database

Hosts: Host faculty will briefly explain what the day's class material and goals will be. This needn't be long—just enough to frame the class for faculty who may not know your field or the kind of teaching it requires.

During the Visit

To minimize class disruption, visitors should plan to attend the entire class, if it meets for 90 minutes or less. For longer class meetings, visitors and hosts can decide on the best time for the visit to end. In general we expect a visitor to be in a classroom for no longer than 60-to–90 minutes.

Visitors should not participate in class discussions or activities unless the host explicitly invites them to join in.

After the Visit

We hope that classroom visits will spark curiosity and conversation. Some great ways to meet afterwards include:

  • A short coffee meeting to exchange ideas and debrief from the visit.
  • A leisurely lunch at the Faculty Lounge with great food.
  • A casual meeting after the class has ended.

Please remember the process is not about evaluation, but about exchanging ideas and tips, and learning from one another.

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