Application Process

The CTE will select three topic-based communities every spring semester for the following academic year. Communities and members are selected through a competitive application process. Completed applications are be due April 11. Interested faculty may apply in the following ways:

  1. Fully-formed groups may submit a single application.
  2. Partially-formed groups may submit a single application. If selected, the CTE will invite other faculty interested in the topic to apply.
  3. An individual may apply with a topic proposal. If selected, faculty will be invited to apply for membership to the community.

We already know that we’ll support one FLC group on the theme of Inclusive Classrooms. In this case, there’s nothing to propose, but there’s still an application to submit!

Group Benefits

  • Faculty Fellows enjoy the opportunity to reflect on and refine their teaching in the company of colleagues with similar pedagogical interests.
  • Participants are named Faculty Fellows for the year their community meets.
  • Groups receive $300 per member to purchase books or other materials and fund community-building activities.


Facilitators receive a single course-release or its equivalent for the year, in consultation with their dean. Facilitator responsibilities: convene bi-weekly community meetings, orchestrate the group’s activities and curriculum, act as liaison with the CTE, keep the community active and on-track, submit a mid- and post-year assessment, coordinate the production of each community’s final project, and meet monthly with other community facilitators to share best practices.

How to Apply

To apply and/or propose a faculty learning community for 2014–15:

We especially welcome topics that appeal across disciplines, schools and colleges; and in the case of a group proposal, we encourage membership from more than one school.

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