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Upcoming Events

Crowd-Storming Innovative Ways to Make up Classes

USF Faculty are currently thinking about ways to make up classes and keep students engaged - with class content and including issues of climate change - as a result of the campus closure from wildfire smoke pollution caused by the Camp Fire. Learn more and share your ideas here.

Open Canvas Program

Begins Nov. 5 and lasts through Nov. 21
Visit and learn from faculty Canvas courses! This program is modeled after the original CTE Open Classrooms program, in which we invite faculty to explore the classrooms of their peers. The goal to learn and be inspired by example is the same however the twist is that the visit is virtual. It does not matter if the course is live, hybrid, or online. The purpose is so other faculty can garner a better idea of how Canvas can be used effectively for different courses. Read more and sign up for Open Canvas.

Join a Spring Reading Circle

Sign up for a CTE Reading Circle by Nov. 29
CTE Reading Circles are low-stakes, short-term reading groups of 6-12 participants with a faculty facilitator. Sign up for a spring reading circle.

Payoff by Dan Ariely
Facilitator: Jonathan Hunt (Rhetoric & Language). Dan Ariely is a behavioral economist at Duke and a founder of the hilariously named Center for Advanced Hindsight. His recent book Payoff focuses on motivation -- what makes people want to do stuff? ... Motivation is a key aspect of teaching and learning. When motivated, we will put enormous effort into tasks, even if there is little chance of external reward. As educators, how do we motivate ourselves and our students? ...

Teaching Sustainability / Teaching Sustainably (Bartels and Parker, eds.)
Facilitator: Gerard Kuperus (Philosophy, Environmental Studies). In this reading circle, we will critically discuss how to relate our various disciplines to sustainability as we read Teaching Sustainability / Teaching Sustainably. The book will guide us in the conversations. The different chapters discuss issues such as diversity, critical thinking, rhetoric, globalization, health care, tourism, leadership, and learning environments...

Grading Retreat

Dec. 12, 10–4 in Malloy 230
Join us for a grading retreat with your peers! The group setting will provide motivation and the CTE will provide the fuel in the form of breakfast and lunch. We'll make sure to have coffee too. We think the best way to tackle the overwhelming (and perhaps onerous) task of grading is with support! Read more and RSVP to the retreat.